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2005-09-08 08:06 pm
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Warm fuzzies

Today I got an email from someone who plays in an RPG with [livejournal.com profile] cruel_illusion. She wanted to send stuff to Destin, and another of Destin's friends had sent her my email and told her that I was organizing stuff for Destin.

So she's sending a package and some money for me to forward on to Destin...all the way from Germany.

Another person who only knows Destin through RPGs also sent me money.

And an LJ friend who doesn't know Destin at all except as a name that appears in my LJ sometimes sent me money to pass on to her as well.

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


And for those of you who know her or know people who know her...feel free to pass my email along or direct them to my LJ. I'm planning on sending more down to her, and then when it gets closer to Christmas, I'm probably going to try to organize something for then too.